Message from Fr Paul Cracknell

Image of Fr. Paul Cracknell, Parish Priest
Fr Paul Cracknell
Parish Priest

A very warm welcome to the Catholic parish of The Blessed Sacrament in the City of Chelmsford Essex. Our parish is part of the Mid-Essex Deanery in the Diocese of Brentwood.

You will find all the information you need regarding the current Coronavirus situation in the menu bar above.

I hope that you find our website informative and I look forward to welcoming you to our parish very soon.

We will regularly keep the website updated so please do check back regularly.

Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

God bless.

Fr Paul


The Holy Trinity

I sincerely hope you are all well – and still managing to recycle, to ‘do our bit’ to help the planet.

Are we more aware during this tragic coronavirus pandemic of the fragility of the earth and of our own being? Have we become more aware of how precious creation’s resources are – that they are not inexhaustible? Are we now more aware and appreciative of all of creation and life?

I am a regular viewer of Springwatch on BBC2 – I am finding this year’s series unexpectedly as good as usual, if not better? It has also been quite emotional when you hear stories of those who have been suffering with mental health problems and how the natural world, even in their own gardens during lockdown, has given a real boost to their lives.

Not only is the whole of creation – our environment, our oxygen space – our living quarters, it is also our community. It shapes us, shapes our lives. The great hope is that when we come out of this awful time, we will appreciate it, and look after it more.

This community, this communion, is the very reflection of our communion with God our creator. It is a reflection of God himself, who is communion in the Most Holy Trinity – one God in three persons as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a communion of love because God is love. He is the source of all goodness because He is goodness itself. He created us, he has restored us in Jesus Christ his son, has restored all of creation, has brought peace between heaven and earth and comforts us, strengthens us in the communion of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the very love and unity between the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is now the one who binds us together in love and peace to God and to each other, that we may go forward on our mission to take his love and peace to the whole world; that all may share in the truth and utter joy of the gospel.

Jesus Christ is risen from the dead forever and so we must now rise to the challenge of our missionary journey to the Kingdom of God.

Surely, we all need to change the way we live and the way we treat the environment? The COVID 19 virus has brought that home to us! For how we live, whether in goodness and love or in sin, determines how much we are at peace with each other – especially the poor – and those who have little or limited wealth and resources, those for whom climate change, pollution and the like may bring loss of livelihood or even loss of life itself. It governs too how much we are in harmony with other species that share our planet and benefit us.

We must also work harder to rid the world of racism. The events of recent weeks in America has alerted us to the fact that it still exists as a stain on societies and Pope Francis has reminded the world that it is a great sin.

Jesus’ death and resurrection has given us a share in the life of the Holy Trinity so we must live that life now, by loving God and our neighbour. He said, ‘’Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me’’ (Matthew 25:40). This means that we will each have to give an account of our actions, on how much or how little we have loved and respected God and our neighbour, when he comes again as judge at the end of time.

We must be strong in faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

God Bless

Father Paul


Saturday 6th June
Kathleen Flanagan RIP (N. Clifford)

Sunday 7th June – THE MOST HOLY TRINITY People of the Parish

Monday 8th June
David Moore RIP (M. East)

Tuesday 9th June  
Len Lamont RIP (Greene Family)

Wednesday 10th June
   Mollie Atkinson RIP (Fr. Paul and Family)

Thursday 11th June – St Barnabas
Mike Toolan RIP (E. Bullock)

Friday 12th June
For Care Staff and Essential Workers

Saturday 13th June – St Anthony of Padua
 Father Ivor RIP (Cavanagh)

Sunday 14th June
People of the Parish

The Parish Office is now closed so we will not be producing a newsletter for the foreseeable future

William Snowdon RIP

Marian & Peter Snowdon would like to thank parishioners for their masses, prayers, sympathy cards and telephone calls of support, following the death of their son, William, on 16 April.


Take part in the Friends of Westminster Cathedral Lockdown Online Quiz on Tuesday 2 June at 6.30pm on the Friends of Westminster Cathedral Facebook Page. The quiz is free to enter but we are asking if you might make a £5 per head donation.  All monies raised will help to support Westminster Cathedral. Parish virtual teams are welcome and may communicate using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, What’s App etc.

For more details and to enter email or>

Abbot Hugh’s Memorial Message given on the day Fr Cadoc was laid to rest

V E DAY 2020 – Blessed Sacrament Remembers

Fr Paul held a short service of remembrance for V E Day and the parish was represented by Clare, Alice and Fleur

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