Message from Fr Paul Cracknell (Ord.)

Image of Fr. Paul Cracknell, Parish Priest
Fr Paul Cracknell (Ord.)
Parish Priest

A very warm welcome to the Catholic parish of The Blessed Sacrament in the City of Chelmsford Essex. Our parish is part of the Mid-Essex Deanery in the Diocese of Brentwood.

I hope that you find our website informative and I look forward to welcoming you to our parish very soon.

We will regularly keep the website updated so please do check back regularly.

Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

God bless.

Fr Paul


Saturday 12th June
Vigil – First Mass of Sunday
6pm – Intentions of Helen & Frances Fassnidge (M. Marsh)

Sunday 13th June
9.30 am – People of the Parish
11.30 am – Maureen Booth’s Intentions (M. Marsh)

Monday 14th June

Tuesday 15th June
6.30 pm – Laurie Wade’s Intentions (J. Parker)

Wednesday 16th June
9.15 am – Margaret Feeney RIP (Jim & Family)

Thursday 17th June
9.15 am – Betty McGettigan’s Intentions (M. Marsh)

Friday 18th June

Saturday 19th June
Vigil – First Mass of Sunday
6 pm – Michael Waters RIP (B. McDonnell & Family)

Sunday 20th June
Day For Life & Father’s Day
9.30 am – People of the Parish
11.30 am – Alan Cumberbatch RIP (R. Cumberbatch)

Taken from the Gospel for 13th June 2021 (Mark 4:26-34): The Seed Growing
Jesus said to the crowds: “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man throws seed on the land. Night and day, while he sleeps, when he is awake, the seed is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know. Of its own accord the land produces first the shoot, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And when the crop is ready, he loses no time: he starts to reap because the harvest has come.” He also said, “What can we say the kingdom of God is like?What parable can we find for it? It is like a mustard seed which at the time of its sowing in the soil is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet once it is sown it
grows into the biggest shrub of them all and puts out big branches so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade.” Using many parables like these, he spoke the word to them, so far as they were capable of understanding it. He would not speak to them except in parables, but he explained everything to his disciples when they were alone.

After spending a few minutes considering this Gospel, continue by reading Fr Henry Wansbrough’s reflection.

Jesus was a countryman, from the rich agricultural plains of Galilee, where wheat and fruit-trees abounded. It was natural for him to use such imagery to describe the Kingship of God which he was proclaiming. Today’s gospel reading offers us two of the many images in Mark’s chapter of parables. What did Jesus want to teach by them? Images can carry many layers of meaning. First, the seed growing secretly all the time: perhaps Jesus meant that God’s purposes are accomplished in spite of our feeble and fumbling efforts; perhaps it was a warning that after long waiting the time for decision, the time of harvest had come with Jesus’ own mission. Second, the mustard seed: was this a reply to the discouraged disciples – or perhaps Jesus’ critical opponents – that his motley little group of undistinguished peasants, fishermen and tax-collectors would grow into God’s own mighty tree? Perhaps this is a first hint that Jesus’ mission is for all
nations, not just for Israel. All nations would come, nest and find a home in the branches of his mission, just as in the first reading they nest in the branches of the great cedar tree. At any rate, both images show that God is in charge, and has great plans which will be fulfilled despite our own inadequacies.

What does Jesus mean to teach by these parables? More specifically, what does Jesus mean by comparing the Christian mission to a tree?

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

Daily live streamed Mass, up to date news and a special message from Monsignor Keith Newton can be found on the website of The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Chelmsford Foodbank Logo

Chelmsford Food Bank are in need of the following items.

FOOD ITEMS:  Tinned potatoes, jams/preserves/spreads, instant mash packets, instant custard sachets, tinned custard and tinned rice pudding.

TOILETRIES: Ladies deodorants and shampoo, washing powder or liquid.

They thank you for your encouragement and continued generosity though the last five months.