Dear all,
We have received updates from the Diocese and the Bishops’ Conference regarding COVID 19 and the reopening of our Church. Due to the amount of paperwork and requirements that have been sent we will not be opening before 28th June. With this in MIND we now need to implement procedures. We will require a rotating group of cleaners to help us keep the church COVID free. The cleaning will need to be done between open sessions whilst the church is empty and there will be safety equipment (gloves/aprons), cleaning materials and a cleaning checklist for any helpers. To volunteer, you MUST NOT be shielding yourself or living with someone who is on the shielding list. Currently, we are looking to open the church twice weekly, probably Wednesday and Sunday for three hours. I would be grateful if you could email me at if you wish to be considered for inclusion on the cleaning rota. This rota will replace the usual cleaning rota until such time as restrictions are lifted.

Please bear in mind that the rules are strict, comprehensive and NOT OPTIONAL.