Message from Fr Paul Cracknell (Ord.)

Image of Fr. Paul Cracknell, Parish Priest
Fr Paul Cracknell (Ord.)
Parish Priest

A very warm welcome to the Catholic parish of The Blessed Sacrament in the City of Chelmsford Essex. Our parish is part of the Mid-Essex Deanery in the Diocese of Brentwood.

You will find all the information you need regarding the current Coronavirus situation in the menu bar above.

I hope that you find our website informative and I look forward to welcoming you to our parish very soon.

We will regularly keep the website updated so please do check back regularly.

Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

God bless.

Fr Paul


Nineteenth Sunday of the Year

I once went to an Army open day and the sergeant said to me, ‘’What does surrender mean?’’

I said, “ I give up.”

Todays gospel teaches us not to give up, not to be afraid.

Are we seeing Peter in a bad light? At least we are seeing a life of faith mixed with fear and doubt. He appears to be caught between terror and glory. But this should encourage us.

It is an instance of the mustard seed; of small faith that grows into something much larger. And it is growth through Jesus, because it is Jesus who gives Peter courage. He and the other disciples are battling against the wind and waves.

Isn’t this a picture of life?

Humanity has achieved much throughout history and yet it hasn’t. Through our inventions and technology we have achieved powered flight and even landed on the moon. We have cured many diseases through medicine and yet still people go hungry in our world; there are still many who are homeless and treated as outcasts. There is still much poverty and discrimination.

This is ‘us’, and yet……..there stands Jesus. He is up ahead of us, ‘walking on water’.

His walking on water in our gospel reading today is a sign of God’s kingdom breaking into earthly life. It is the supernatural coming into contact with the natural. The power of God.

It’s not that we can always go out and walk across the surface of the nearest deep lake! But that with God anything is possible – we must trust him. It’s a sign of God’s love and power to and for the world, in Jesus.

Jesus’ words here are both correction and encouragement. Because he knows the world we live in. Yet he connects us with the kingdom. We see the power of the natural and the supernatural together. The walking on water, a sign of the supernatural, is also a sign of encouragement. Do we just ‘feel the wind and look at the waves’ in fear and trepidation and simply give up? Or do we look to Jesus and truly hear his voice calling us ever onward? To achieve things that might at first seem impossible? Those things that are of great benefit in building up the kingdom?

If we truly listen to his voice and fix our gaze upon him, regularly, we will have the power and love of God within us. Jesus is saying, “Do not give up”. He is telling us to trust him.

For many, we are in a time of despair but we must not give up and we must not give up on them – the needy, the downhearted, the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the persecuted.

How often to we hear of, and witness, signs of compassion fatigue? Oh I can’t keep giving to charity, etc. etc.

Yet…..if we have compassion fatigue, haven’t we given up on love itself?

As St. Catherine of Siena says, “Your Son went down from the heights of his divinity to the depths of our humanity. Can anyone’s heart remain closed and hardened after this?”

May our Mother Mary, our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us and may God give us courage.

With love and blessings,

Fr Paul.


Saturday 8th August
First Mass of Sunday
6 pm Tony Greene RIP (Greene family)

Sunday 9th August
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
9.30 am Mimi Logue RIP (J. Logue)
11.30 am People of the Parish

Monday 10th August

Tuesday 11th August
St. Clare, V
6.30 pm Sallie Greene RIP (Mayo Family)

Wednesday 12th August
9.15 am Patricia McCaul’s Intentions (E. Solomon)

Thursday 13th August
9.15 am John Hopgood RIP (E. Solomon)

Friday 14th August
St John Mary Vianney, Pr.
9.15 am Kevin Greene’s Intentions (B & S Mayo)

Saturday 15th August
First Mass of Sunday – Vigil of The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary
6 pm Mary Hegarty RIP (Greene family)

Sunday 16th August
The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary
9.30 am People of the Parish
11.30 am Catherine Mayo RIP (B & S Mayo)


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