A brief history of our parish

The church-hall which was the original church, was completed in 1953 and was built as a Mass and social centre to serve the then new Melbourne Park housing development. The hall was dedicated by Bishop Beck to St Pius X and the newly formed parish named “The Blessed Sacrament.” The first Mass was celebrated on Sunday 25 October 1953 and the hall was officially opened on Sunday, 1st November 1953 by Bishop George Andrew Beck.

The current church built in 1961 and was solemnly opened and blessed by Rt. Revd Bernard Patrick Wall, Bishop of Brentwood on 4th April 1962.

In 1985 the church was reordered under the auspices of the then parish priest Fr John Lane in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Vatican Council.

The re-ordering of The Blessed Sacrament was carried out by a dedicated Team of parish professionals  assembled by Fr John Lane. This was a direct result of the original Architect employed by diocese whose design was far too expensive .  This resulted in a design and theme that  was created with a professional designer and sculptress Helen Crabtree the daughter of Bill Bailey.

The team assembled were as follows:

Paul Fox (Project  Management)

Rod Challis (Accounts and Finance)

John Homans( Surveyor)

Phil Brown (Surveyor)

Gerald McCabe ( Quantity Surveyor)

Helen Crabtree  (Designer and Sculpture)

Bill Bailey (Colour and Furnishing Adviser)

The final design was approved and budget agreed with Brentwood. All building works were carried out by Fredrick J.French.

The project was completed on time and on budget with massive professional savings thanks to the team of  parish volunteers.  This also included the refurbishment of the pews by the parishioner’s.

A Solemn Dedication of the Altar took place on 18th October 1985 where Bishop Thomas McMahon placed the relics of St John Vianney inside the Altar.

Blessed Sacrament Parish Priests

Fr Anthony Mayston 1952-1957

Fr Enda Keenan 1957-1972

Fr Dennis Ryan 1972-1974

Fr John Gallagher 1974-1981

Fr John Lane 1981-1990

Fr Maurice Gordon 1990-1999

Fr Joseph Whisstock 1999-2005

Fr Niall Harrington 2005-2012

Fr Ivor Morris 2012-2016

Fr Paul Cracknell 2016